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News about Church of the Ascension, Bitterne Park

Southampton Half-Marathon and 10k Run 2016

The Southampton half-marathon and 10k run will be taking place on Sunday 24th April while we are ringing for morning service at Bitterne Park. The road closures haven’t been announced yet but the route appears to be similar to last year so we expect most of the bridges to be closed again. A map of the route can be found here. Good luck to all the runners, especially Jon and Clare from SUGCR!

A better map showing which roads will be closed and when.



Another first peal score for SUGCR

(L-R) Kristian Scudamore, Peter Dillistone, Claire Merivale, Jonathan Mills, Oliver Chaloner, Philip Moyse

Congratulations to Peter, Claire and Jon for scoring their first peal yesterday, of 5040 Plain Bob Minor on the middle 6 at Bitterne Park! Full details on BellBoard here.

November Practice Swaps

We have decided to move a few practices around this month:

On Monday 9th November the practice has moved to St Mary’s, we will be ringing half-muffled to mark Armistice Day which is on the Wednesday of that week.
On Monday 16th November the practice will be at Bitterne Park as normal.
On Monday 23rd November there will be no practice, we will probably have a social event instead.
On Monday 30th November the practice will be at St Michael’s.
The normal schedule will resume at the beginning of December, watch the calendar on the home page for further updates.

Bank Holiday Monday

There will be no ringing practice on Monday 31st August since it is a bank holiday, so we’re having the night off! Back to business as usual on Sunday 6th September for service ringing at St Mary’s and then we will be at Bitterne Park on the 7th for the next practice.

Southampton Half Marathon 2015 – Sunday 26th April

The Southampton Half Marathon will be taking place on Sunday 26th April while we are ringing for morning service at Bitterne Park. The race route includes Northam Bridge, Whitworth Crescent, Bitterne Triangle, Manor Farm Road and Woodmill Lane which will all be closed to traffic from 10am to 12pm, as will Cobden Bridge. The only available places to cross the river will be Mansbridge Road and the M27. Cobden Avenue, Thorold Road and St Catherines Road will all be open but parking might be limited.

More information is available on the race website, including a useful map showing the road closures and alternative routes.

Holy Week and Easter

There will be no ringing practice at St Mary’s on Monday 30th March, as it is Holy Week. Service ringing on Easter Sunday (April 5th) and the practice on Easter Monday (April 6th), both at Bitterne Park, will hopefully go ahead if there are enough people around.

UPDATE: there is also no ringing on Sunday 29th March

UPDATE: no practice on Easter Monday (April 6th)

Service Ringing – 7th and 14th September

The locations for Sunday service ringing on 7th and 14th September have swapped, so we will be at St Mary’s on 7/9/14 and Bitterne Park on 14/9/14. We will then be back at St Michael’s on 21/9/14 and the rotation week be back to normal. The calendar will be updated shortly.

Sunday Service Ringing – New Rota

Due to changes of service times at The Ascension, Bitterne Park from the 4th May, we have had to revise our ringing schedule accordingly.  We shall now only ring at one tower a week, rotating between our three towers:  The first three weeks will therefore be:
4th May – St Mary’s – 9.45am – 10.30am
11th May – St Michael’s – 9.45am – 10.30am
18th May – The Ascension – 10.00am – 10.45am
Then back to St Mary’s for the 25th May

The ringing calendar will be updated shortly.

Changes to ringing times

There have been a few changes to the ringing times in Southampton. These are as follows;

1st and 3rd Mondays – Bitterne Park 19:00 – 21:00

The practice will now start at 19:00, with the first 30-45 minutes being dedicated to those learning to ring and taking their first steps into method ringing. Any help from 19:00 would be greatly appreciated.

2nd Mondays – St Michael’s 19:30 – 21:00

There is no longer a learners practice at Bitterne Park on 2nd Mondays, the main practice starts at St Michael’s at 19:30

4th and 5th Mondays – St Mary’s 19:30 – 21:00

There is no longer a learners practice at Bitterne Park on 4th or 5th Mondays, the main practice starts at St Mary’s at 19:30

Monthly 12 Bell Practice

The once monthly 12 bell practice that was held at Bitterne Park on the 4th Sunday of the month will no longer run. There is a possibility that it will return, but for the time being there will be no practice.

Keep an eye on the Google calendar for any other changes or cancellations.